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Transition HR Management

Every difficulty encountered must be an opportunity for further progress
Pierre de Coubertin

Intervention over a limited period, a few hours per day, week or month



What is transition HR management?

Transition HR management is the term used when a qualified individual temporarily takes over an HR management function for a limited period of time and is entrusted with a specific task for the duration of the mandate.

When is transition HR management necessary?

In the case of specific projects, an increase in work, to cover absences or when waiting for a replacement.


  • Ensure that experts dedicated to and focused on achieving specific objectives are readily available
  • Benefit from a range of HR skills
  • Ensure fieldworkers are available
  • Allow time to carry out a recruitment process without disrupting the continuity of the HR service
  • Manage specific projects


  • Opportunity adapted to both the constraints of SME and large organisations
  • Availability
  • Flexibility
  • Tailor-made solutions
  • Operational from the first day of intervention
  • Objectivity
  • Objectives- and results-orientated


  • Intervention in different types of situation: crisis situations, project management, management of takeovers, major changes (mergers, restructuring, acquisitions, creation of a service, etc.)
  • Intervention in different areas:
    • HR Strategy
    • Recruitment
    • HR administration
    • Talent management
    • Training
    • Staff representation
    • Assistance with change