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Eivilux et mil 1



I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand."

Adaptation of our training courses to our participants' expectations in order to increase the skills desired and to respond as closely as possible to specific needs.


Nature of our offer

  • Modular courses on the function of HR and proximity management.
  • Tailor-made workshops in line with our Clients' specific needs.



  • Intra-business and business-to-business training course options.
  • Complementary and independent modules that may be followed "à la carte".

HR course

  • Recruitment
  • Wage policy
  • Performance evaluation
  • Training
  • Job and skills management / Careers


Proximity management courses

  • Basics
  • Understand and motivate your team
  • Become a manager coach
  • Conducting an assessment interview
  • Conflict management
  • Know how to communicate
  • Accountability


Your training catalogue is here:

Training catalogueTraining catalogue (101.68 Ko)


Tailor-made workshops and desired professional skills

  • Personnel development (self-confidence, stress management, employment relations, etc.)
  • Professional efficiency (time management, communication, etc.)
  • Management (team, interdisciplinary, communication, leadership management, etc.)
  • Human resources (recruitment, remuneration, mobility, talent management, health at work, etc.)
  • Ressources Humaines (recrutement, rémunération, mobilité, gestion des talents, santé au travail ...)

April 2020 - Free training on management each Wednesday from 2.00 pm to 2.45 pm - Webinars (French)

  • 01/04 - Understand and motivate one's team ... remotely
  • 08/04 - How to lead a performance review & set SMART goals
  • 15/04 - How to communicate with the 7C
  • 22/04 - Leadership & GIVE Model
  • 29/04 - Set priorities easily