"We so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us"

Alexander Graham Bell

Our services

Help your company manage its human resources

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"Tailor-made" expert assessments

Each of which is broken down into three stages: assessment, recommendations/solutions, operational follow-up.

We offer you an independent, outside opinion and guarantee impartiality when carrying out our assessments.

Some examples of our services


HR assessment: Analysis and assessment of the HR function, comparison with market practices, identification of main strengths and weaknesses, coming up with recommendations and defining an action plan

Recruitment: Job descriptions, search for and selection of qualified candidates, personality tests (Enneagram)

Training course planning and design: Assistance with drawing up the co-financing application and training plan, implementation of a training policy, evaluation of training

Job and skills management: Career management, succession planning, skills assessment

HRIS: Assessment of the need, assistance with the selection and implementation of a HR management system

Outplacement: Assistance with the management of social plans, skills assessment, team/group coaching, individual coaching, job search workshops

Internal HR Communication: Towards employees via an intranet, newsletters, integration of newcomers, internal meetings, satisfaction surveys, lunch & learn 

External HR Communication: Social networks, réseaux sociaux, CSR approach, events set-up such as mini- recruitment, HR breakfasts

HR Procedures: Analysis of the present situation, help with the documentation to put in place, in or out certification systems